What we do

Currently, the Friends of Spencer Park organise activities within three areas:

Wildlife protection

This picture gives an indication of some of the activities we organise to encourage and protect the wildlife in the park and to maintain the plant life:

Building bird boxes

Building bird boxes

... and here is the result

… and here is the result

We are also looking at what exists in other parks to encourage the natural habitat.  The photos below are from Brandon Marsh and show their ‘bug wall’.  The Saturday morning gardening group (see Events) has started to create this in the bottom corner of the park on Broadway.

Brandon Bug Wall 2Brandon Bug Wall 1

Here you can find out more about Trees in Spencer Park (PDF 3 Mb) and the birds (PDF 1.1 Mb)which are commonly found in the park areas.


The Friends of Spencer Park relies on volunteers to help maintain the gardens.  We publish dates when we would like people to join us for light or heavy gardening tasks.   Read more about this here.  For dates of the next gardening group, see events.

Did you think that all bluebells are the same?  Find out more here about a non native variety that is threatening the native bluebells in the park.  You can also read more via a link in the Guardian newspaper and click here to find out how to identify different species of bluebells.


We have been working for a number of years to improve recreational facilities in the Park and the Recreation ground.  Currently our plans to have a children’s play area installed in Spencer Park (See Consultation for details) are coming to fruition.

The new children's playground takes shape

The new children’s playground takes shape

New playground 1



Work is progressing on the playground. The safety surface was completed on the 12 November 2015. They have brushed sand into it to make it more resilient. This will gradually be absorbed into the safety surface so will not be so visible. Next week they will be resurfacing the path and installing a bench so the playground will probably not be available till the following week.

A date for you diaries: The official opening of the park by the mayor, Michael Hammond, will be at 10.30 a.m. on Monday Dec. 21st.