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Community Tennis Club

Spencer Park Community Tennis Club (SPTC) was established in April 2016. The aim of the club is to facilitate continued use of the four tennis courts in Spencer Park given that the local authority no longer has the resources to provide staff to regulate admission to and booking of the courts.

The courts were resurfaced and a new fence fitted in spring 2023, following a £120,000 renovation project, managed by the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) and funded jointly by the UK Government, LTA Tennis Foundation, the Friends of Spencer Park and Coventry City Council.

The booking website is provided by the Lawn Tennis Association. It allows you to book your court in advance. Use of a court will only be given to those who have made a booking via this website.

For more information, please email

Please use the following links to view:
Our Safeguarding Policy
The British Tennis Diversity and Inclusion Policy

How to join
If you want to join or rejoin the Community Tennis Club for the 2023 season, the fee is £30 per family. 

If you want to join the club, you can do so at:
You will need to register with the LTA before you can join our club.

Booking a court
There is an online booking system available to members.
All court bookings must be made online.
You should always use this system if you plan to play tennis at Spencer Park, even if you think that there will be courts available. The system is easy to use and mobile-friendly.  To access the system, click on this link:

If this is your first visit to this website, you will need to register and choose a password.

On subsequent visits, when you wish to book a court, enter your LTA registration followed by your password which you will have chosen when you first register.

The system will then email you with a different six-digit code, for each individual booking you make. Please note that the courts will not be in use if the surface is wet or icy, or if the temperature is very hot (to ensure the surface does not melt).

You will see a day-by-day calendar with one-hour time slots.  There are four courts available for each one-hour slot. The courts are numbered 1–4.  Court 4 is adjacent to Dalton Road, Court 1 is nearest the pavilion.

You book a slot be clicking on your choice of day/hour/court number.  You can only book one hour per day.  You will receive a confirmation email of your booking with the six-digit code.  If you are more than 10 minutes late for your booked slot, you will not be able to enter the courts, you can enter from 10 minutes before your booking.

Non-members wishing to play tennis
To play tennis at Spencer Park without being a member you will need to book using the link below. A court for an hour costs £5.

Children’s playgrounds

A children’s playground has been installed on the grass in the north east corner of the park. The playground is not fenced off from the rest of the park, giving children easy access to the play equipment from the surrounding grassed areas. Dog owners are kindly requested to make sure that their dogs do  not enter the play equipment area.

The old tennis courts area at the Broadway entrance to the park couldn’t be use for the site of the play equipment due to the expense of removing asbestos from underneath the old tennis court surface.  However, this area has been sealed off with a new layer of tarmac and Friends of Spencer Park have raised funds for a range of playground markings. This latest play area is proving very popular amongst children of all ages.


If you would like to join the Albany Bowls Club who play on the crown green, please visit the club’s website for more information.

Keep fit

The perimeter path of Spencer Park is a quarter of a mile. So … four times around the park and you’ve done a mile! That’s equivalent to around 2000 steps.

If you fancy something a bit more challenging, check out the new 1km marker posts around the recreation ground. They are 100m apart and mark out a full 1km lap. More details are posted in the new notice board on Spencer Road.


Friends of Spencer Park – Registered Charity No.1176323